You do not have to just take our word for how hard we try on your behalf. Below are some of the testimonials sent to us by satisfied customers.


"When we initially made an offer for the boat it was quite late on a Saturday afternoon and the staff were quite happy to continue the negotiations bey0nd the normal closing time. In fact by the time everything was concluded it was about 1 and half hours after the closing time."

Mr & Mrs A,
Leicestershire (Purchased boat from Hilperton Marina May 2010

"I would like to record my gratitude to John Froggatt and his team at Hilperton for managing to arrange a sale at one of the most challenging times in recent economic  history, maintaining just sufficient pressure upon the purchaser to retain interest but without creating an over pressurised situation which might have driven him away."

Mr D,
Bath, (boat sold January 2010

"The website was set up well and led to the boat sale. The Manager was very helpful and no doubt his effort was reflected in the boat sale."

Mr & Mrs M,
Cheshire (sold boat from Anderton Marina October 2009

We - my wife and I, have just undergone a stressful voyage of finding a suitable second hand narrowboat (our first).   In our journey of search, we have travelled around the country, visiting many marinas and encountering differing brokerages and the like.

Fortunately, one day, we enquired at our local marina (Hilperton) with respect to the chance opportunity of a suitable boat for sale. To our joy, we were directed to view a suitable boat.   As luck would have it, the boat was exactly the size and specification that we required. And, to add to our joy, a mooring was available at our local Marina (Hilperton).

During the purchase process, we would like to emphasize that your manager John and his staff (particularly Christine) have been most helpful and accommodating - thereby making the buying process so delightful and less stressful.

It is our opinion, the great British public are sometime too eager to render and lodge complaints and less thoughtful to report and reward good service. It is our great pleasure to report  that we are extremely pleased with your management and staff at Hilperton for the kind and professional manner in which they have handled our purchase.   We do realize that brokerages have to be centered on the primary interests of their vendors, however, in this instance we can clearly state that whilst that primary interest has been fully maintained, your team at Hilperton (particularly Christine) have stretched that obligation to ensure that the prospective purchaser has had a pleasant and comfortable feeling throughout the process of brokerage.

We have had previous dealings with this team also on the rental/hire side of your business and that is also a great tribute of service and understanding from the team at Hilperton. We trust that we may continue to have many years of good relationships with this team and we thank them all for their service.

Mr & Mrs G, Wiltshire